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  One Hundred Years of Axiomatic Set Theory, 1908-2008

30-31 October 2008, Brussels (ULB)

In response to the paradoxes of naive set theory, axiomatic foundations for set theory and mathematics were proposed in 1908 in the following two papers:

Zermelo: “Untersuchungen über die Grundlagen der Mengen­lehre”, Mathematische Annalen 30, 261–281.

Russell: “Mathematical logic as based on the theory of types”, American Journal of Mathematics 30, p. 222-262.

This conference is devoted to set-theoretic systems related to Zermelo's, as fragments of ZF, but also to Simple Type Theory or even Quine's "New Foundations" - after all, Quine was born in 1908 too!

Invited speakers:

Adrian Mathias (La Réunion)
Thomas Forster (Cambridge)
Richard Kaye (Birmingham)
Lorenz Halbeisen (Bern)
Richard Pettigrew (Bristol)
Philip Welch (Vienna)


Thierry Libert 
Roland Hinnion


Thursday October 30th:
10h00-11h00: Roland Hinnion, "Some specificities of Zermelo's system"
Coffee break
11h30-12h30: Adrian Mathias, "Forcing over models of Zermelo set theory"
Lunch break
14h30-15h30: Lorenz Halbeisen, "On models of Zermelo's system in which Zermelo's axiom fails"
Coffee break
16h00-17h00: Philip Welch, TBA

Friday October 31th:
10h00-11h00: Thomas Forster, "Paris-Harrington in NF"

Coffee break
11h30-12h30: Richard Pettigrew, "Infinity & separation in the foundations of arithmetic & analysis"
Lunch break
14h30-15h30: Richard Kaye, "Automorphisms and constructions of models of set theory"

The lectures will take place at the ULB in Solvay room (campus de la plaine, N.O. building, 5th floor).

Attendance is free, but registration is required for lunches by sending an email to Roland Hinnion before October 22th.

This event is supported by:
  • Le Centre National de Recherche de Logique (CNRL) / Nationaal Centrum voor Navorsingen in de Logica (NCNL)
  • Le Groupe de contact du FNRS en Logique mathématique